Silicone grouting / hardening agent

Article numbers
UWVT 5802
UWVT 5802
Product group
01 grouting
02 hardening agent
Packaging size
Field of application
  • Grouting / coating of coils
  • Small electrical and electronical capsules
  • Adhesion and seals
  • Heat-resistant applications
  • Two-component silicone caoutchouc system (RTV-2)
  • Low viscosity
  • Fast heat curing

Characteristics by secondary hardening:

  • Strong hardness
  • Very high thermal resistance
  • Flame retardant
  • During mixture pay attention to the fact that no rests remain within in the containers and no air bubbles are enclosed; submit if necessary to a vacuum degassing.
  • Surfaces must free of pollutions, because pollution like sulphur, plasticizer, urethane, amine materials or metal-organic connections (in particular tin-organic connections) restrain the heat curing.
  • The mixture component 1 (grouting) contains a platinum catalyst.
  • The mixture component 2 (hardener) contains the curing agent.
  • Even traces of the platinum catalyst or the cross-linker can cause curing, therefore, the tools used for the processing (spatula, stirrer etc.) must not come into contact with the other component in any case.
Secondary hardening

The cure time is depending on the temperature, size and the warm conductivity of the component. The response is accelerated by the addition of the catalyst EP and therefore the hardness time is shortened. The reaction is slowed down by the addition of the inhibitor PT88 by which the hardness time becomes shorter. Therefore the cure time can be adapted individually on the component.

Temperature Cure time (Material thickness 1 cm)  
23°C 24 h  
100°C 10 min  
150°C 5 min  
  • The date of minimum durability of the respective load is indicated on the product label. After excess of the minimum durability date the product is further usable, however, the quality should be checked before use.
  • The container of the hardening agent should be closed immediately after use, because the hardening agent is sensitive to humidity.
Technical properties


Properties Status Test method Value Unit
Colour     Reddish brown  
Viscosity 23° C ISO 3219 15000 mPa*s
Density 23° C   1.5 g/cm3

Hardening agent

Properties Status Test method Value Unit
Colour     Transparent  
Viscosity 23° C ISO 3219 200 mPa*s
Density 23° C   0.97 g/cm3

Mixture (viscous)

Properties Status Test method Value Unit
Mixing ratio     9:1 Grouting : Hardening agent
Viscosity   ISO 3219 12000 mPa*s
Pot life  max. 100000 mPa*s   30 min

Mixture (hardened)

Hardening at 150°C for 30 min, values are considered as approximate values.

Properties Status Test method Value Unit
Colour     Reddish brown  
Density 23° C ISO 2781 1.43 g/cm3
Shore-A Hardness   ISO 868 55  
Tensile strength   ISO 37 3 N/mm2
Elongation at fracture   ISO 37 100 %
Contact resistance   IEC 60093 1*1014 Ω cm
Dielectric constant   IEC 60250 3.7  
Safety instructions
  • No special precautions are necessary with the use, because silicone caoutchouc contains neither toxic nor corrosive materials. Observe general hygiene prescriptions.
  • Observe regulations concerning industrial hygiene and waste removal

The data in this technical product information is based on our current knowledge and experience. Due to the abundance of possible influences during its application, it does not release the processor nor the user from performing their own tests and trials. A legally binding guarantee of certain properties or of suitability for a specific purpose cannot be derived from our information. Depending on the individual case, we recommend consulting with us. Any property rights and existing laws must be observed by the recipient of our products under their own responsibility.