anoxal®E (electrical):
anodized aluminium foil/strips

Article number
UWBE 4100
Product group
Layer thickness
in μm
Fields of application
  • Electromagnet construction
  • Generator construction
  • Transformer construction
Product advantages
  • Very resistant to high temperatures
  • Insulation class C
  • Weight reduction of around 50% compared to a copper coil with comparable electrical properties
  • No “hot spots” within the coil due to high heat dissipation; therefore, no additional insulation is necessary
  • anoxal®E coils don’t require more installation space than copper coils with comparable electrical properties (fill factor > 90%)

Conductive material

Al material EN AW-Al 1050, EN AW-Al 1070 or EN AW-Al 1350
Al melting point 658°C
Density 2.7 kg/dm3
Avg. spec. heat capacity (1 – 100°C) 0.92 J/g x K
Avg. thermal expansion coefficient 23.5 x 10-6/K
Thermal conductivity 2.3 W/cm x K
Temperature coefficient of electrical resistance (1 – 100°C) 0,004 K-1
Tensile strength 70 to 180 N/mm2
Electrical conductivity min. 34.5 MS/m (at 20°C, O soft)
Elasticity modulus 7 x 10-4 N/mm2 (average)


Oxide layer thickness 1 to 6 μm (depending on required insulation)
Dielectric strength of the coil 20 V/μm
Chem. composition Al2O3
Melting point ca. 2000°C
Hardness 250 – 350 HV
Dielectric constant 7 – 8
Other low wear and tight grip
Strip thicknesses Foil: 0.050 to 0.200 mm according to DIN 546
Strips: 0.200 to 2.000 mm according to DIN 485
other strip thicknesses upon request
Strip thicknesses
0.050 mm, 0.060 mm, 0.070 mm, 0.080 mm, 0.090 mm, 0.100 mm, 0.110 mm, 0.120 mm, 0.130 mm, 0.140 mm, 0.150 mm, 0.170 mm, 0.200 mm, 0.225 mm, 0.250 mm, 0.275 mm, 0.300 mm, 0.350 mm, 0.400 mm, 0.450 mm, 0.500 mm, 0.550 mm, 0.600 mm, 0.700 mm, 0.800 mm, 0.900 mm, 1.000 mm
Strip widths 3 bis 400 mm
weitere Strip widths auf Anfrage
Inner diameter 300 or 400 mm; auf Hülse
Outer diameter max. 1100 mm
Gewicht according to customer request; run lengths also available

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