Magnetic coils – made of anodized aluminum (anoxal)

We produce magnetic coils from anodized aluminum strips / foils (anoxal). Compared to coils with enamelled copper wire windings, there are no cavities or loss of space with anoxal coils, which means that a very high fill factor is achieved and the coil has greater pulling power while at the same time the space required is reduced and the weight is reduced.

The extremely thin layer of insulation from anoxal results in high dielectric strength and optimum thermal conductivity. As a result, you get a coil without hot spots with greater resilience, which can be used at a continuous temperature of 500°C. A long service life is also guaranteed.

Single or multiple coils in free, round, oval or rectangular designs are possible.

The use of anoxal enables our coils to be used for AC applications as well as for DC applications.

Magnetic coils applications, specifications and more

Areas of application for coils

  • Magnet construction:
    Load lifting magnets, overbelt magnets, separator magnets and much more.
  • Automotive:
    Electric drive motor for hybrid and electric vehicles and much more.
  • Railway technology:
    Magnetic rail brake, magnetic levitation train and much more.
  • Drive technology:
    Motors, drives for solenoid valves and much more.
  • Aviation:
    Electric holding magnets and much more.
  • Measurement technology:
    Weld seam tests and much more.
  • Mechanical engineering:
    Separation technology, recycling, positioning systems, induction heater coils for yarns and much more.
  • Speaker magnets

Setup & Options

  • Coil shapes:
    rectangular coil, round coil, oval coil, free-form coil
  • Coil designs:
    pre-coated, bandaged, bandaged and coated, bandaged and soaked, bandaged and cast, intermediate insulation
  • Contacting:
    cold pressing process or ultrasonic welding
  • electrical connections:
    can can be made of copper, aluminum or CuAl strands, strips (Cu, Al, CuAl), threads or rails on request.
  • further product options on request


  • light weight
  • heat resistant
  • high fill factor
  • high inherent strength (without side supports)
  • good heat dissipation (no hot spots)
  • long service life

Technical specifications

  • Sizes up to 5000 kg
  • up to 4600 mm long
  • up to 3400 mm wide
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Winding tolerances <100 µm
  • Permanent temperatures up to 500°C

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